Ph.D. Position

Rethinking LDPC codes and decoders to minimize decoding energy

The COM and IAS teams are recruiting a Ph.D. student.

22nd IEEE Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity to be held in Brest, May 22-25, 2018.

The LabSTICC in Brest and the IMEP-LAHC laboratory in Savoy Region co-organize SPI in May 2018.

Dr. Laura Conde-Canencia is awarded at the fullbright grant ceremony

New challenges and opportunities for channel coding: 3-D memories and DNA storage

Dr. Laura Conde-Canencia has received a Fulbright Research Scholarship for her sabbatical year in University of California Los Angeles.

Romain Billot (DECIDE Team) has received the best paper award at the national conference on agent-based systems "les journées francophones de systèmes multi-agents"

Lab-STICC @ Paris Air Show - Bourget

The Lab-STICC laboratory, specializing in communication and digital technologies, has been selected by the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) to present its work on 3D conformal antennas at the 52nd edition of the Paris Air Show - Bourget 2017, f

New cooperation with the Conseil Régional Bretagne

The DECIDE Team is pleased to announce a new cooperation with the the Conseil Régional Bretagne (council of the Bretagne Region) around the project mviewer.

Collaborative noise mapping at San Francisco

The DECIDE team with its partner, the Environmental Acoustics Laboratory (LAE) is pleased to announce that the application NoiseCapture funded by the European project ENERGIC-OD is reused by the University of Geneva for the Competing Crowds project (...

New books from the MOCS team

 Flash Memory Integration, Jalil Boukhobza & Pierre Olivier, ISBN: 9781785481246, ISTE Press - Elsevier, March 2017Fondements de la programmation orientée objet avec Java 8 - Des mécanismes d'exécution aux bonnes pratiques de développement logici...


Scientific tools for environmental noise assessment

Through the website, the DECIDE team from Lab-STICC and the Laboratory of Environmental Acoustics from IFSTTAR join their forces to organize and share new research tools for environmental noise assessment. Years ofscienti...

New journal announcement

Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms

Prof. Marc Sevaux is pleased to announce the creation of a new Springer Journal: the Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms (JVRA).

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